Teacup Lights

I live on marthastewart.com because she is the man, basically, and she knows how to do pretty much everything. She has all the recipes I want and a million craft ideas I didn’t know I wanted.

I am particularly fond of her idea for making your own Teacup Lights.

teacup lights

Previously, I mentioned the abundance of teacups at thrift and antique stores. This is another example of how to turn your mix and match glassware into something gorgeous and useful.

I love this idea for decor at a baby or wedding shower. What an impressive way to put that little extra something on your event! I’m actually so into this idea that I’m trying to figure out a way to procure these supplies soon so I can make these for my own apartment.


Mix & Match Glassware

Some of the most beautiful events are colorful. Color is daring and emotional. It is one of the best ways you can set the mood for your event.

I LOVE the idea of having colored glasses on hand for an impromptu get together or intimate soiree. The fact that the glasses don’t match creates an cheerful, varied look. What I love even more than the idea of purchasing them online is the idea of thrifting many different glasses. The outcome will be more quirky and less expensive too! Keep them in your cabinets for parties or throw them in your hutch as every day decor.


Another thing I always see at thrift stores is teacups. There are so many gorgeous patterns and many of them are loners. Pick a few up sets. I know what I’m about to say sounds crazy but you can even mix and match a cup and saucer from separate sets! I know, insane. This would be super flirty and fun at a tea party!


Photo via southernvintagegeorgia.com