Unusual Wedding Bouquets

One of the most common feelings I come across in the brides I work with is their desire to do something special or unique in order to put a personalized touch on their wedding. They want their guests to remember something specific to their wedding that they haven’t seen before. (Although, it’s becoming more difficult to set yourself apart with all the wedding ideas tornado-ing around Pinterest!)

One way of doing this is through your bridal bouquet. When you think about it, the bouquet is essentially an accessory not much different than a bracelet or shoes. Try looking at it more like a statement necklace or a sash with a flash of color – something to create a pop and visually stimulate your guests.

Succulent Bouquets


I cannot stop freaking out every time I see a bouquet with succulents in it. They’re so fresh and elegant at the same time.

Featuring Fruit


The Vegan in me is in love with the idea of including fruits and veggies in a bouquet. One time, I saw one with succulents and mandarin oranges. I can’t really talk about it, though, or I might fall out of my seat.

Winter Bouquet


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there is nothing more glamorous than a winter wedding. The colors! Crimson, sapphire, jade, berries, gold!! So much gold! This pine cone bouquet is perfect for any winter wedding featuring snow, a fireplace or any of the above.

Let your imagination run wild! Keep in mind, you can make a bouquet out of pretty much anything: fabric butterflies, seashells, crystals, stuffed animals, or anything else you can possibly think of.


Color Inspiration

One very important aspect of any gathering is the color palette. The color of an event holds a great deal of the mood and conveys so much visual emotion. Sometimes, we envision the colors from the start. Other times, it’s a bit more difficult to decide which colors to use.

Design Seeds is one of my absolute favorite website for creativity and color choice. It takes every day photo inspiration and creates a color palette based on each one.




What a fantastic resource! I highly recommend scrolling through if you are event planning, creating, painting your home or just want to look at beautiful, vibrant photos! To make it even more magical, they even have a tool for searchable themes like different colors, seasons and there’s one called “creatures” that brings animals to life through hues not even the rainbow knew existed!


Check it out!

Mix & Match Glassware

Some of the most beautiful events are colorful. Color is daring and emotional. It is one of the best ways you can set the mood for your event.

I LOVE the idea of having colored glasses on hand for an impromptu get together or intimate soiree. The fact that the glasses don’t match creates an cheerful, varied look. What I love even more than the idea of purchasing them online is the idea of thrifting many different glasses. The outcome will be more quirky and less expensive too! Keep them in your cabinets for parties or throw them in your hutch as every day decor.


Another thing I always see at thrift stores is teacups. There are so many gorgeous patterns and many of them are loners. Pick a few up sets. I know what I’m about to say sounds crazy but you can even mix and match a cup and saucer from separate sets! I know, insane. This would be super flirty and fun at a tea party!


Photo via southernvintagegeorgia.com